Saving money beyond the usual ways.

Could You Live in a Van?

Having just paid off my loans from college (and we're still paying on my wife's), Ken Ilgunas' story of how he lived in a van to avoid student loan debt really speaks to me. While attending graduate school at Duke University, Ilgunas skipped the dorm room and off-campus apartments to live out of a Ford Econoline van parked in a campus parking lot. He ate the cheapest food and showered at the gym. I regret not doing this myself.... Read More

What is a Navy Shower?

A Navy Shower is a way of showering that uses dramatically less water than a normal shower. To take a navy shower, you turn the water on long enough to get your body wet, then you turn it off while you soap and lather yourself. Finally, the water gets turned back on for a brief rinse at the end. ... Read More

An Easy Way to Save at Restaurants

One of the things my wife and I like to endulge in is going out to eat. We make it a point to have dinner at a restaurant at least once a week. Unfortunately, as you probably know, these experiences can be pretty expensive. We were spending a large chunk of our income on dining for a while, so large that we were looking to make a change. But we didn't want to give up our weekly tradition. So we found an easy way to save some money while dining out: sharing a meal.... Read More

Free Online Backup Services

Don't lose your data when it's free to keep it safe
I know a lot of people that keep all of their data on a single computer. This is all of their digital photos, important documents, etc and they don't have any other copies of them. That means that if their computer's hard drive goes bad, there goes all of the files they didn't want to lose. If they somehow get a virus, it can wipe out all of their family photos, digital music, and everything else on that computer. ... Read More

Check your health insurance, you could be wasting money

Both my wife and I recently started new jobs. I started mine first, while she was still a student, so I put us both on my employer-provided health insurance plan. It wasn't too expensive, so I just forgot about it after that.

My wife then graduated and started her new job. We looked at the cost of insurance for an employee and a spouse through her employer. Unfortunately, it was slightly more expensive than the plan we were on with my employer. We were about to give up on it, thinking we were taking advantage of the best deal, when my wife noticed the difference in the individual plans. While the two family plans (no kids) were very close, we could actually save money by having us each sign up for individual health insurance plans through our respective employers.... Read More